Theory tests

We are a few more days from the mandatory theory tests for food delivery riders here in Singapore starts. The tests will cover maintenance and handling of the various e-mobility devices (mainly scooters) for the riders and also safety when riding.

I think exams and theory tests are good for propaganda. After all, propaganda involves repeating things to people and what better way than to test them on it so they have it in their minds all the time. They are also good for things where people must regurgitate to someone else. But these theory tests are not so good for things that are practical. It is hard to declare someone capable of performing first aid just because he completed a theory test with flying colours.

Likewise, you might prefer the surgeon who has performed more surgeries than one who has repeatedly scored better than him on theory tests. But why do we continue to trot out these sort of tests and credentials?

It’s to create deniability; to say it’s been checked so we’ve done our part. Why we do this to ourselves, I’m not sure. Better perhaps to change the culture from one that is focused on grasping for individual credentials to one that is about caring for people.