Sources of Power

On the trek I had with friends recently, I was explaining that all the power sources we have on the earth (with the exception of geothermal energy and maybe nuclear energy) is from the Sun. Solar PV or Concentrated Solar Power are obvious but actually all other renewables sources relies on the sun as well.

Wind relies on temperature and hence pressure differentials and this is a result of the sun. Hydropower actually relies on the hydrological cycle where water is drawn up into the sky (by the sun through evaporation) and falls on water bodies or location which are higher altitude and hence subsequently released from the gravitation potential energy.

All biomass and of course biogas (which comes primarily from biological decomposition/digestion of organic waste) are stored energy from the sun via photosynthesis by plants. And with that, you can also see that all fossil fuels are actually stored energy from ‘historical sun’ where plants of the past performed photosynthesis and was subsequently buried, compressed and then forming our fossil fuels.

With that in mind, even as we marvel at engineering, technology and all that crazy amount of knowledge accumulation and civilisation that enabled humans to flourish the way it does today, let us acknowledge the wonders of nature that have been supplying us unceasingly. And let us recognise that it is also important for us to honour the order of our natural world, that we may continue to enjoy the fruits of the planet we live in.