USB Thumbdrives

For the first time in my life, a thumbdrive failed me, causing majority of the files inside to become corrupted and unusable. Worst still, it’s my latest 2GB Imation Flash Drive – FlashGo. Even the 64MB USB Flash drive that I bought more than 5 years ago is still working well for me. More than 500MB of my data are wiped out, not deleted or lost but simply corrupted – it doesn’t really make much difference actually. I bought this drive for a price of 50 bucks, which was quite a steal and I got it right at the beginning of the year. I didn’t expect it to screw up that early in its life. This is a disaster. Compounding on my problems is the fact that most of the files inside are single copy files that I downloaded from the net, like my academic notes and also some important summaries I have compiled myself.

This is freaking ridiculous, I wonder if I can sue the manufacturer for this. Forget it, I won’t have enough energy to settle such a matter in court. But there’s something important I learnt. All the files which I have decided to share with friends, uploading them online or sending them out to people were in most sense, retrievable. It really pays to be kind and I sort of learnt this lesson many times over in my entire life. Good thing most of the time I was on the ‘lucky’ side, where I did help people and benefit from it, rather than to grief in retrospect that I should have been kind.

Start looking for people to copy the files from…


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