Piece of Lifehack

Kwang Guan asked me if I am a lifehacker (actually he simply implied that I am a lifehacker in our conversation) and I told him I am not. In fact, I am only introduced to this concept a couple of days back and wouldn’t have the sort of free time to study time saving techniques (pretty paradoxical huh?). While I only got to know about lifehacking and all those lame nonsense, I seem to have been following their sort of philosophy in the way I do things since a couple of years ago.

I still can’t be too sure what’s lifehacking but I know some ways of organizing life, saving time and maximizing productivity like:

  • Reading notes when you are on the bus
  • Writing reminders on a notepad so that you don’t forget
  • Getting a TV book (just whatever book you like) which you read only during TV programme commercial breaks
  • Conning yourself into working like crazy in school by believing you will be slacking when you get home
  • Reading lecture notes during lectures so that you don’t have to go through them at home
  • Sending good ideas to the future using futureme.org so that they won’t be lost while you are occupied with the present reality
  • Emailing yourself reminders to email important people or send out important letters so that you do that immediately when you check your inbox the next time
  • Get your hands on a book whenever you go out, you never know when you have a short break to read a couple of lines
  • Turning on the TV only when there’s something on which you want to watch; try hard not to channel-surf
  • Try not to get a facebook account if Yi Da tells you to do it…
  • Alternatively, if you already have an account, deactivate it…
  • These are life-saving techniques sometimes, at least the lifehackers think so.

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