Random Thoughts

When I was a child, there were a couple of stuff I held in firm belief, which in retrospect, would send me giggles.

  • The Salvation Army exist to salvage unwanted toys
  • Albert Einstein’s hairstylist is named Robert J. Van de Graaff
  • Adolf Hitler & Charlie Chaplin were brothers
  • English dragons were predecessors of dinosaurs; Chinese dragons are predecessors of Man
  • Arabs invented Algebra, so Chinese invented Calculus
  • PAP is a giant chain kindergarten operating business that provided pre-school education to masses
  • Windows is to Microsoft like Apple is to Macrohard (I was waiting for this name to appear on the papers)
  • If you had landed properly on your feet, committing suicide by jumping off high buildings would be quite a feat
  • If you put enough ice into a cup of water to make it cold enough, you can get a huge lump of ice the size of the cup
  • Rocks are harder than stones
  • If you flap your hands really fast, you can fly
  • I seriously think I was once an idiot.

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