Damn it, my USA POLO bag that’s barely 1.5 years old gave way. It was the weakest part of it, the fastening plastic that broke, partly due to the heavy weight and partly due to the fact that I have this bad habit of carrying just one side of the bag for prolonged periods. The last bag I used before this switch was a Hayer bag and it totally rocks. In fact, after washing it in the washing machine, it looked absolutely new, not a single clue of having been used for more than 5 years. I guess the brands sometimes do matter after all. Well, no choice, that bag that failed me was bought from Carrefour at a rather low price so it’s probably time to get a new bag.

Problem is I won’t be able to get one that soon – that’s what happens when you don’t have enough money, not even enough income. Pity I am not a civil servant (or minister), neither is any of my parents. Anyway, with a politically incorrect blog, I shouldn’t be expecting a pay rise even if I have a public sector job. Life’s tough when you are not on the right side of the fence.


2 responses to “Broke-Bag”

  1. astuka

    go broke-bag mountain or something.

  2. Erpz. Dun no link leh.

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