2 Years (or was it 3?) ago, I rejoiced at the fact that I have a Kodak DX that allows me to capture 4.0 mega pixel photos and being a digital compact flash camera, I am happy to bring it around with me on overseas trips as well as gatherings or outings with friends. I was happy to be able to upload what I shoot and to me then, 4.0 mega pixel was a whooping lot of pixels and great resolution. So you can imagine what kind of country bumpkin I was.

A year back, I discovered SLR photography and decided that it was fun and one of the nice activities I am going to indulge in. I never own a SLR so despite using it for quite a long time in my months in Huang Cheng, I was happy to continue with it, so I entered Photography Society to play around with more lens and pick up more knowledge about cameras. Still, owning a DSLR is something I can hardly conceive. In fact, I promised myself to get a DSLR only when I saved enough of what I earned myself. Imagine my horror when I realised those young kids that are now becoming my juniors, those just a little older and are supposedly my seniors, are snapping away during festivals and events with their OWN DSLRs. I am angry for 2 reasons: They were blocking me (And I am supposed to be working for the school!) and they own those cameras they hold in their hands. As an amateur I am already okay with the slow, leisure shots but the high speed ones are really terrible for me, which is also partly the reason for bring angry with those freaks blocking me.

What a rant to make on Chinese New Year Eve anyway. Happy Pig Year!


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