It’s been a real long time since I logged into my blog because I have been really busy with school work, and all the orientation for the new-comers and so on. It’s been a long month of January, full of crappy and seemingly meaningless work. The first thing on the dashboard that caught my eye when I logged in was the sheer amount of spam comments I received – 241. Well, that’s a great record for having a blog, which is so obscure no one really reads it.

Spam have now becomes such a common occurrence that I would consider it a freaky day when I log into Gmail with the Spam Folder empty. I’ll probably be expecting to do some stuff in my email even when I am not expecting any mail – because I am pretty sure there’s spam for me to clear. Thus, even the clicking on the spam folder, and then the button to select all spam mails, and finally the button to ‘Delete Forever’, is considered extremely productive work. In fact, while I have typed all these chunk of stuff, a new lame spam has just entered the spam folder. And I felt I attained some kind productivity by deleting that one.

That’s life in the modern age.


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