Game Analysis

Got introduced to this game and its solution. I generalized the solution to apply to any figures. And yes, I was the second player and the first variant of the game was played – so I lost, though it was out of luck rather than strategy (I wasn’t tabulating the numbers).

A and B are individuals taking turns to call out numbers from x-y (numbers ‘x’ to ‘y’, with x y).

In this scenario, the first player will have an advantage and there are focal points within the games that have to be considered by both players. These points are the numbers ‘m – (x+y)’, ‘m – 2(x+y)’ and so on until the number is one that’s between ‘x’ and ‘y’. The first player will be able to force a win by reaching these numbers starting first. For a change in game scenario such that the first who reach the ‘m’ loses, the second player has an advantage. This game formula is useful for similar variations.


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