Discussing Happiness

I am not really happy with the current ending I have written for the article/essay entitled ‘Happiness Equation’. I thought there’s so much more space to develop, to delve into and uncover all the mysterious forces that’s dictating our happiness in this world of ours. I am thinking of expanding the writing into a bigger research and so I can have my citations together with more advance references.

I thought as a peripheral interest, I’ll reveal how all-encompassing the research will be. The whole issue and argument about equality and inequality stems from philosophical studies as well as natural sciences investigating the natural states of things. This time, because it involves more of human beings, there’s anthropological implications that delve into human nature and thus the ‘flow of wealth’ as a result of that. That would be very close to economics, which brings us into social sciences that involves mathematical models to predict capital flows and I might be probing into how ‘Trickle-down Economies’ is a scam (or at least do not occur in reality most of the time) and try to explain why so.

More empirical evidence relating perceived inequality and unhappiness is required to back this study because the entire research rest on this but I think I am very much right on track. And more importantly, the whole idea about ‘slacking’, literally – whether it is feasible on a large scale and whether it would be considered an ‘advancement’ for mankind – one that’s so preoccupied with development and production for the past few centuries has to be explored more in-depth. At this moment, game-theoretical models have to be evoked to explain the behaviours of individuals subjected this sort of ‘slacking’ pact.

A major component I need to sort out is the inequality that results from Capitalism, all at least the kind of economic system that’s used at a universal at this point of time. Das Kapital may have the answer to my queries but I need a deeper understanding of the differences between the system described by Marx and the system that’s currently being implemented in different nations. This is a great ‘Introductory to Macroeconomics’ project.

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