The Week

After struggling with W. H. Davies to argue the relevance of his view of life, strangling James Lovelock with the fallacious argument of doomsday, praising Frank Furedi’s optimistic take on ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’, shooting down claims that the Airline Industry can be explained by Kinked Demand Curve or Price Leadership Model, whacking Adam Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’ with John Keynes’ Feet, setting myself on fire by attempting to dissolve Lithium Aluminium Hydride in Water, and obtaining a mono-ester with the reaction between a di-hydroxy compound with an acyl chloride, pitting Willis against King in the weathering of Granite – or even worse, ignoring the formation of limestone pavements in temperate Karst landscapes, the week is finally over.

If you haven’t notice, the above is more of a sentence than a paragraph, that summarised what I did over this week’s weekdays. Promotion examinations is like tackling a dumb beast stuffed with irratic questions that stems from the syllabus that we follow and looking weird so that we freak out. I must admit I am not doing as well as expected and I guess carelessness played a huge part. The next and final papers are stuff which I am less confident about and hopefully, the carelessness no longer surface.

After the mad week, I took a little break by re-doing the banner on top of this site for a bit, making the eyes of the croc a larger and adding dumb words and a little more colours. Someone told me to add a tagboard here – something which I tried long ago but then spam was simply getting out of hand, so no more tagboard/crapbox here.


  1. Now doctor croc looked a little scarier! Big rolly eyes… scares kids (and me too!).

    Haha. Just kidding. Nice hue of yellow around Dr Croc… does that mean anything? (I mean the hue).

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