GEPer's Rage

It all started with a simple entry in the ‘Today’ Newspaper Forum, on the undue stress applied to students in the GEP. Somehow, it caused reactions that seem to have no direct connections with the main arguement that ‘GEPers are under undue stress’. Whoever first replied the first letter was a student who have ‘benefitted’ from the programme and was extremely interested in telling the world that GEP students do interact with main stream students – also as an attempt to rebut the first guy’s claim that the GEP students are somewhat isolated from the others.

So soon, the net, and webcomics, are talking about the GEP – so many years after its implementation. Dumb, I must say, but people are starting to realised that GEP isn’t that special at all. For once, the students in GEP are torn between 2 camps: the first supporting the argument that they are ‘gifted’ and different, thus special enough to obtain special ‘trainning’ or whatever, defying the laws of meritocracy our dear ministry have been trying so hard to promote about our education system; the second supporting the fact that GEP isn’t really that different except the students have took the challenge to undergo more intensive intellectual grilling, that will probably make them better persons – nothing beyond that.

If you are in the programme, which would you support?

In fact, I know of students who flunk in the programme but decide to stay around, or was forced to stay around for a couple of dumb reasons; these reasons got to do mainly with ‘face’, and reputation – not worth elaborating. I also know of students who excelled and aced, and trashed everyone, earning the nicknames he deserves – ‘mugger’, ‘nerd’, ‘study-type’, ‘GEPer’, ‘Study Saiyan’, etc. It is all about the path you want to take. I have understood the whole idea of ‘living with the system’. Yes, there is such thing as GEP in our education system, so accept it or not, it is your choice. In a way, those who are in the mainstream are simply gifted students who are rejected by the programme (or you can say you reject the programme).

Apparently, ‘GEPer’ is somehow similar to the term ‘workaholic’, they can be negative or positive, varying from person to person. The fact remains that such programme is some kind of eugenic marginalisation that should not be tolerated in the ideal society. Unfortunately, nothing ideal exist, and we must accept that.


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