I seem to have been gone the last few days because of the ‘holiday-start’ busyness that is caused by an influx of responsibility from adults. There are teachers who engage your help in their personal projects, then there are parents who suddenly thinks the colour of the walls of my room (that has been the same for the past 4 years), is getting too familiar, and tells you to re-paint your room. As if that’s not enough, the school made mistakes in my examination result slip, and wanted to call in my examination papers for inspection, thus making me go to school on 2 occassions where I simply step into the school office, and collect a piece of paper, or pass a piece of paper to the admin staff.

I am pretty much surprised that Mib didn’t make any comments on the news of Japan importing 80% of the world production of Tamiflu (perhaps he had no idea that occurred). It appears that they have learnt the art of ‘Kiasuism’ from Singaporeans (so much for Singapore taking after them at the population aspects). Apparently, there is a fair exchange of culture within the highly diversified Asia, unlike what some may think (either about Chinese ethocentrism, or about imposing Chinese culture, or maybe I got everything wrong).

Even better, Koizumi was ‘dao-ed’ by President Hu during the APEC conference in Busan (I thought it was ‘Pusan’, my history textbook said so). I guess President Roh would have done the same if not for the fact that Korea was the host to the conference.

Singapore Polytechnic is starting modules on public toilet maintenance to make sure we produce sufficient ‘talents’ in this aspect so that we get the best designs of toilets and manage toilets better, and as usual, they have a nice name, ‘Ecological Sanitation Course’. See news here. Looks like our public sector is expanding after all the laying off (I mean retrenchment), and they have decided that they shall have more of our ‘Local Talents’.

By the way, Mib hopes that people will support him to take on adminship on Wikipedia. I was intrigued by Mib’s braggy user page and decided to sign up on Wikipedia to act as a check against him (and also support him when the need arises).

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