Fun with Sketching

Not the boring sabbatical that does absolutely nothing, but a nice blog that discuss issues seemingly pertinent to all our lives since we are all Singaporean(s) [students]. If I am not wrong, this is a WACOM tablet powered webcomic: The Students’ Sketchpad. I must say the stuff there are really well-drawn and there’s also interesting content.


There tonnes of Singapore students out there expert in Arts, and I am quite sure I won’t be able to outdo them in practical arts, so I think I am better off in the Academic Arts stream in future. Then I will once again fall into the trap and become another student manipulated by the ministry as mentioned in one of their comics. I will be fooled to participate in the mini-education-ratrace and be following the ‘syllabus’ and tricked by the ‘charisma’ of the teachers into entering the politically-correct carreers such as doctors, lecturers, teachers, lawyers (not as welcomed), accountants and engineers.

Hey, artist these days get paid quite well. Of course, you have to be really good. And using a WACOM tablet and illustrating such comics probably means professionalism in Singaporean context. Nah, don’t fault me for over-generalisation – Singaporeans are like that. ‘Not all the Hwa Chong type are very Chinese’ – a statement to counter the Singaporean-styled generalisation that Hwa Chong people are always Chinese-type.

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Further Findings (3 September 2005):

I realised that they aren’t using WACOM, they are working with a tablet. I guess I was acting a little too pro when I made that guess. I found out the truth here.


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