National Day Eve

I haven’t been blogging politically-correct stuff. And on this eve of anniversary for our nation’s separation from Malaysia (Independance, in other words), I guess I should make some kind of exception. Or should I not? I think I should defend it at least a little. You know, Singapore is really a great place, I apologize for keeping up the top blogging habit – ranting. Singapore’s celebrating its 40th and it is a great time to slack off for a while before getting back to tests and exams (I’ve got an exam on this Friday).

Well, my desktop goes into its fourth year within this few days, and it is getting cranky by day. I just got it a new motherboard battery a few months back (I think it was March) and now its clock is not keeping up again. Then there is the dumb, faulty CD-rewriter drive that is giving me a whole lot of headache by dettaching it from the computer source as it please. To aid imagination of my problems, here’s the scenario: I wanna burn a disc, so I started Nero and such. I slipped in the CD, no problems so far. In fact, even after I clicked the ‘Burn’ button, and heard some zipping noises from the drive (which I usually do when it is burning a CD), there was no alert or whatsoever about a possible error that may occur. In any case, after the burn, an alert popped out, the whole computer hanged for a second or two, then zrrrr…. the drive goes dead – my disc still in it.

Meanwhile, the computer is still working fine, with the exception that you can no longer see the ‘CD Drive’ under the ‘My Computer’. That’s sad. And to get the drive back to its feet, I gotta restart the computer (which also means I have to reset my BIOS clock somehow, because of the weird-ness of my desktop). I have to get a new desktop, preferably one that comes with a SATA compatiable motherboard, and a 80GB ATA HDD, with at least Intel Pentium4 2.6GHz (my current one is a P4 1.8GHz one and it sux big time). But none of these until I finish mugging and backed up all my past years data. Over these years, I acculmulated at least 25 GB of nonsense and all these got to be squeezed into the ‘unburnable CDs’ I have bought. Now, how am I going to transfer all these file away…


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