Looks like many people are getting pissed with the changes at school. Somebody especially. But I won’t say who. You readers probably know him. Anyway, somebody is getting damn pissed off by all the terrible changes. First there is this new programme going on, next there’s forcing of people to purchase tickets for some extremely educational drama. Then comes some form of escalated security measures that has undoubtly brought in loads of profit to vehicle label printers. Finally, there’s this ridiculous performance put up by some ‘Gila’ class, which caused an emotion uproar in somebody.

Some values ought to be kept, and protected. Not kept in the trunks.

Whoever said this may seem old-fashioned and inflexible to those who have a clear idea of what I am talking about, but I believe this ‘somebody’ is worthy of our utmost repect for being principled. I would say, that it is really hard for a person, having lived through a time of glory and is full of pride, to realise suddenly, that the world has transformed. And it has really transformed to a stage deemed as ‘Evil’ in the past. But as we know, moral values sometimes do change. Or rather, the societal interpretation of values changes constantly.

We can’t have ‘student idols’ in schools, and appreciation of music is probably more inclined towards classical, though rock may be rather cool – in our terms. I see things changing, I can more or less accept it; though I can’t feel for this ‘somebody’, I can understand that to him, it is as though a fact, that he knew since he existed, just destroyed itself in front of him. It is scary. It is just like the time when you realised that lies are everywhere, all around us – previously, you got to know from your mother that lying is wrong.

But that is more gradual. It is like discovering how adults are even more imperfect that some kids even though we were taught to respect and listen to the adults as though they were the ‘perfect, all-knowing specie’. The things that ‘somebody’ is experiencing is sudden, fearsome. If I suddenly tell you that Earth is flat and not round and that Newton, and a whole lot of the others are seriously wrong, you may be scared out of our wits (though that’s science and you probably need some proof). For a supposed ‘fact’ that is of moralistic nature, it is hard to tell; there are somethings which are obviously wrong but they are still committed like there’s nothing wrong. Sad.

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