I rarely talk about things that happens in school, unlike Bingyuan. And for those people curious about they way he ‘encodes’ someone’s name, here a clue: Spell it backwards and you will get a clearly picture. Good try encrypting it! Yes, I am going to release some information on the projects I am working on. Currently, and as usual, there are to categories when I talk about my project. The first being school projects, and the second being personal ones.

School project will involve my two Pday projects. As all who have been reading my blog would know, I have been working on a film since the year began, and now, it is almost at the completed stage. Sometimes I really wonder if I really need that much time. Well, I think the time for conceptualising should be well spent, or your project will be as screwed as mine. In any case, I believe it wouldn’t be possible for me to have completed 2 projects if not for the fact that I set out to achieve that since last year, and that much of the time, the 2 projects’ converge at the same point, namely the same venue. I must say I have been lucky this year.

The Service Learning Project is expected to outshine other projects if we are able to present the project well enough. This time, we have added advantage because of a ‘secret weapon’ and currently, almost all members are working very hard to get the job done well. We have set out to achieve that much, and we shall get that much. We previously wanted only to be selected for GF, but now I thought that we should achieve something further, given the fact that this will be the last year we are participating in this competition. Bingyuan, if you are reading this, you should get what I mean.

The stuff that I am working on personally is actually a series of templates that I should be using for future projects. I plan to create at least 10 of them, probably at least 1 when the September Holidays comes and the rest during the Year-End Holidays. I believe I will need all these stuff in 2006 and probably wouldn’t have enough time to settle them then.

Another project is a short film that captures the naivety of students even at our age, it is entitled, “Disposing”. I have in mind the cast and this is going to be a hilarious one, but it won’t be long, and most importantly, I am still not sure if I would have the time to shoot, given the fact that exams extend all the way into the holidays. This film got potential to be expanded to discuss social issues.

I am also thinking of doing a script, on a one-entertainer style talk, that will be criticising some of our school’s stuff. But that’s not confirmed yet. It will be in chinese and I probably need some input from Mib. Currently, there hasn’t been much things to talk about given our apathetic nature and the focus with academic achievements. Talking about academic stuff, I haven’t been achieving lately, getting zi bei. I got to get some tips from Mib on this, he is always feeling so.


  1. I need you to help me with politics. Okay, I am trying to prevent someone very zai from entering an organisation, which I am already in. So now I have the upper hand, but the problem is that the guy whom I am supposedly against is really darn zai and is the nephew of one of the heads in this organisation.

    By the way, this has nothing to do with the school.

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