Charles’ theory doesn’t only apply to lifeforms or whatever mutant creatures that might really exist in the very world we live in, it also apply in almost every single part of life. Evolution is something like improvement, but most importantly, it is a change. Supposedly positive one but not necessarily so.

For those who didn’t notice that things does evolve, let me make a simple analogy here. I was originally thinking about food, but I decided that it would be interesting to talk about Air-conditioners. I remember when I was young, Aircons wasn’t really cool, so on advertisements, the different companies will compete at the coolness level. They will try to outperform each other in the aspect of making better cooling system. From ammonia to whatever gas they use, they simply try to make the air that flows out of the machine be at the most suitable low temperature. And soon, the companies came to an equilibrium.

So they started another war. Some dumb company started off saying that their Aircons makes less noise than others. So they forgot about ammonia or freons and turned to the fans. They tuned the blades, switched the axis and twist the plates, did whatever they can in their advertisements to make sure that the consumers were convinced that they make the quiest Aircons. Alright, they now have Aircons that makes no sound at all other than the little ‘beep’ when you turn them on or switched the temperatures. But that wasn’t enough.

Another lame company came along, I think its name starts with a ‘D’, or maybe it was a ‘S’. Whatever it is called, they start telling their customers that their Aircons clean their air. Okay, now it is a battle of purity. Other companies dropped their blades, and heavy machinaries and went into making filters. There was sponge, PVC or whatever synthetic form of trap, that were trapping the dust in the air that is unfortunately sucked into the Aircon. Well, they also managed to make Aircons that spew air, which are almost perfectly clean.

Sorry that the story is so long, even I am bored by it. Now comes along some company that starts with ‘F’, who says their Aircon produces some catechins or whatever and negative ions or don’t know what, which are healthy to the human bodies. Things have been evolving all the time, don’t expect things to be the same as last time. And it is this, that forces us to change and adapt to the environment and surroundings.

My marks for this term evolved, but not my position. Is that a good news? I think not. But my friends told me that is already good because it also mean I am not getting worse. There is this friend of mine obtained a better score than the previous term but dropped by 9 positions. And that is how ridiculous the system is. Too bad, things are evolving into a crazy stage. Even the supposedly best hasn’t make it.


  1. Hehe, I strongly agree about the air-con part =) Portrays the strong competition between air-con companies over the years! One of the most inspirational psot I’ve read on your blog.

    Good post and if I’m asked to rate it, 10/10!

  2. Woowww, mind blowing!!!

    To me, air con is air con lah, as long as it is very cold, don’t breakdown, not much maintences, monthy bill friendly, I will extremely happy n contented!

    Don’t need all those extra crap or fancy stuff, LOL.

  3. I think it probably is because there is nothing to comment on. Trust me, it is not because your posts are not controversial or arguementative enough. According to most of my friends, they read people’s blogs without commenting, including yours. So dun worry!

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