The world is getting scarier. First, holidays are coming. Holidays are not time for relaxation. They are periods of time when we go wild and work madly at home instead of being ‘lectured’ at school. In school, the ‘talk only’ ability becomes powerful especially when everyone assumes that having school would mean lots of commitment and responsibility, so people do not come and bother you. Simply say you are busy when people ask for your favour and the very fact that you reply would be greatly appreciated – no explanation needed (there are tonnes of it anyway).

But holidays are dreadful: You can’t say you have got lessons, or school. Initially, the school gives you a little homework, such as informing your parents about upcoming events and things to organise that comes after the holidays (they assume you have the holidays to plan everything). Next, your teachers give you work – tonnes of worksheet; so much and so heavy that they can squeeze out every single inch of adipose tissue in Bingyuan, and every single molecule of lipid out of Fat Brother. I even have problems bringing them home, if not for the fact that there aren’t many textbooks to carry around. Well, when teacher finishes with their assigning of work, your project and whatever mentors come and nag. They say you are still trailing behind the other mentees, then comment that the project is incomplete or whatever. But take note: They DO guide you with the work, expecting very much in return (in the form of excellence in the project or research quality).

Guys, it is not easy to say that holidays are coming and everything can be ‘taken easy’. If those homework, project and research, plus responsibility for organising whatever isn’t enough, there’s more. Work attachments. I have one, quite nice actually – since I have never been on such thing for all my life, so this is the first time. This one lasts for 5 days – 12 hours of work each day; to film stuff and record details. Yes, sounds simple, but think about doing that for 12 hours, in a day, for 5 consecutive days. Oh yah, and I still got to go back to school – for English Lessons. Okay, that’s all. I have about 25 days of holidays (got ta exclude days like the attachment when I cannot do anything at all). Yeah. That’s life. Too bad. I am not Mib, can’t go US, can’t go out with a bunch of friends and slack, can’t really make a point to blog in the holidays.

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