Bok's Calamity

In case you haven’t noticed, Bingyuan has just put back all the ‘censored stuff back on to his blog. That’s supposed to be good news unless he accidentally revealed them and would be switched the posts back to hidden mode. I really thought he was afraid that his form teacher or whatever would go to his blog and realised how critical and lame he is. Well, it appears that he have had his fears removed. Or perhaps it is because he has no wonderful content to show lately so he decided that the ‘censored’ stuff aren’t really that censor-deserving after all.

It appears that people are now discussing a great deal of stuff on blogging stuff that may be ‘dangerous’ due to political or defaming nature. Well, I thought this is pretty lame because I believe in the Internet, there is no way of control. When a site goes down, another one comes on again. Most importantly, you are not able to punish certain people who may have been blogging somewhere else in another nation where certain laws probably doesn’t apply. The deterence isn’t going to work.

As for non-political or defaming stuff, they are starting to get a little bored. Terry seems to be running out of ideas, especially when he is the type of blogger, who does it everyday unless he has no access to a computer. This is probably a down time for him and other of those bloggers. I probably should switch off my system too.


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  1. Yeah that, I have got nothing much to blog myself, somewhat brain dead, sigh …..

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