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After a week of sabbatical, it is back to work time, though it is not as if sabbaticals are totally slack. Life is as usual, prepareing for test, doing homework, and probably menging MRP. To some, this is no life. I probably think so too. To make it worse, there isn’t much games to play these days and not much political stuff to comment on. So in order to liven things up, I continue my service at the Neighbourhood Link. Everything there hasn’t change much, with the same people around and the same activities.

It appears that I am the one who have changed; more slack in my job and duties. This is probably because I am steering my focus toward studies and the sideline stuff don’t appear to be that important anymore. This include things like blogging or stuff like revolution. The idea now irks me. I yearn for a more simple place to be in, yet the environment is undoubtly trying to force me back into the competitive, illogical realm of academics and arts.

As I am typing this crap here, my house suddenly blacked out. There was lightning and thunder outside and it is raining heavily, the heaven probably knows about all these sufferings of people. Well, if one were to interpret this way, another can always say heaven is angry at you for being so upset with your current life. So I shan’t argue. After churning out those lame graphics, which Jin’s daughter commented that it looked like some turtle, I curse at my own graphic skills – those images took me more than 2 minutes on flash and photoshop to create! I am getting worse, I thought that Propagator might well be gone since it does nothing productive and do not contribute to anyone unlike Terry’s blog, which aims at helping others. The problem I am facing now is probably the fact that no one asks for help from me (except Mib).

Worse of all, when I reach out to help others, I am not appreciated. In addition to that, I got a lousy Merit award for my Chinese Calligraphy work, which I thought was the best entry to that competition of this 3 years. Well, for this, it probably is the fault of the organisers and the judges. As we all have said long ago, they number the works, then use a lottery machine to pick out the winning entry before deciding whether the work is good.

By the way, Bingyuan churned out quite an interesting article on how his classmates would far in society next time. I think I probably deal with some designing stuff, unless I decide to join Mib and be his Propaganda Minister or something of that sort. Well, maybe the owner of some small firm that will deal with arts or design stuff and maybe I will be helping Bingyuan out with designing his restaurant and the menu (in addition, free designing of the gift voucher and the food arrangement), in exchange for some of the shares of his restaurant. On second thought, I may be pitching myself against Yanmin, so I decide I shall be the landlord of Wei Xiang, who will be dealing in the food business selling Nasi Lemak and Fan Choi.

Oh yah, Terry won’t be a Deejay. His taste for travel will definitely prevent him from getting a job that encloses him a in dimly lighted room for hours talking to himself and a bunch of nothing-to-do idiots. He probably open an arcade and play Para Para Dancing all day or be some kind of travel reporter who goes around the world and bumping into all sorts of people. It would be fun though.


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  1. Hmmm, I wanna create a web-page with hyperlink function, meaning the web page comes with page 2, 3,4 (at one click) also with shopping cart …. something like those found in e-bay …..

    Err, able to get my question?

  2. Wow, chim, this type you gotta make use of the e-commerce functions that are provided by your webost because the shopping card is usually powered by CGI, a code which I am not familiar with.

    That hyperlink function thingy sounds strange, one click to access several page or one page being splitted into a few pages via hyperlinks. You might like to gimme a url to such a webpage so that I understand the structure. From my guess you probably need PHP, in combination with Javascript, with basic HTML.

  3. He probably open an arcade and play Para Para Dancing all day or be some kind of travel reporter who goes around the world and bumping into all sorts of people.

    *coughs coughs*

    *coughs coughs*

    *coughs coughs*

    Thanks, anyway.

  4. Err, don’t have any webby to refer yet. But give u some better ideas :

    Eg I have 30 pcs item to show, I need 3pgs, so after viewing 1st 10, they r interested they click to pg 2 n so on. N in furture I’ve more item to display I add on n it will auto link to pg 4, 5 …..

    Err, possible?

  5. Oh, that is best if you use a PHP powered gallery system, which I have yet to work out the script. Meanwhile, you can actually use this thing known as “Isaac Browser”, an excellent programme for handling images or web graphics. Here is an example of what it does. It also allows the users to look into the document structure of whatever within the folder with the graphics. This way, you don’t really have to sort out the graphics, though you can’t preview 10 at once.

  6. WAH, too chim liao, don’t understand!!! Can put it as layman as possible?

  7. Ah, you want such a script I next time write for you when I am free lah (most probably I am not because I still not too good with PHP). Basically, I trying to tell you that you need a more complicated coding for this because it is tedious to do it in HTML, though you can still use CSS (if you know what it is).

    So I advise you use this Isaac Browser first lah, can solve your problem temporarily. Oh yah, the shopping cart thing, you trying to test me izzit? This kind so chim I think normal techie also won’t have the time ot fiddle with this nonsense.

    Terry, what’s wrong? Travel reporter only wad. No need to be good at maths, somemore can go around the world and try a lot of Para Para Machine. If you arcade uncle, even better, whole day sit and wait for money come in. At most go con a few kids into playing the machine and games only, so relax.

  8. Hehehe, not trying to test you lah, my friend was talking about the shopping cart thingy, so I very curious what the heck that is, actually I don’t really know what that is anyway.

    You said nobody ask you what, so I ask you lor =P

  9. Wow, nowadays commenting box become chat room liao ah? So fast reply. The shopping cart thingy is real crap lah. You know about CSS? If can then ho sei liao, I can give you a .zip file with everything you need then u go open, copy the .html file 10 times, to get 10 pages, then start adding the names of the images one by one, must be thumb-nail hor. Too big dimension the gallery cannot take it.

    Most importantly, you must tell me the layout you want how? Like very primitive or got framing around the picture or what? If you provide enough info, then I do one example put online for you to see – happy then u can download and happy copying.

  10. Errr, I duno CCS, actually I m quite idiot with all these stuff lah, I just started to learn about blogging a few months ago only leh. Still stuck in the beginner level ….

    Ok, I’ll think through what I wanted, then let you know, but maybe after your exam lah, this is just crappy stuff, nothing important, just wanna learn about different stuff, that’s all.

    BTW I m using your commenting box cos is easier to read what I type lah, n also because my kids are good, watching TV while I ‘chong’ here lor. Anyway going to go off soon, their play time soon =P

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