Why would I actually want to write something about when I have no idea what it actually is and why it exist? This time, it isn’t really about sport, it is about our school, a little gathering that everyone had. Because of the sensitivity of the issue to certain people, it is not appropriate to spell everything out.

Anyway, everything is almost like the past years, people come, sit down, some went of running, some went to the steps and chat. We are not allowed to leave the premises as usual, but we are allowed to relax, and heck care about whatever seemingly competitive activity the people down there are engaging. The school knows how lame the whole thing is and why students have tried countless means to escape in the past years. This year, even before the event, we have been warned. This warning isn’t entirely good, nor bad; it just caused the attendance to drop very much because everyone thought it was meaningless to go there and anyway, no one marks the attendance.

In a situation when someone does marks the attendance, they must be students are hence, there is a little biasness again. So far, I have never seen bribery but it is true that there is usually jeering occurring because certain monitors or chairman are being too inflexible.

There is more than 2000 people there if I am not wrong. Mistakes arises when there are less honest people than I expect. And the whole atmostphere is rather relax. The lame marching and carrying of flag is gone and the whole event becomes less solemn. Even as the National Anthem was sung, students are smiling and giggling – this probably never happened before. There is no Milo truck or free drinks today and some of the students are taking the opportunity to raise funds for their councils by selling drinks at normal prices. While some dumb students cheered, others were busy talking about how the economy works, what nuclear fusion is and telling stories of certain movies.

My friend used to say that for this particular annual event, a sub-event is the great escape from school, back home. Reasons for doing so includes not being able to justify their presence for the event, not wanting to squeeze with sweaty students in the bus stops and the buses and also for fun, to challenge their skills of slacking. This year, for some reasons, people have given up playing hide and seek with the NPCCs, looking out for the disciplinary master, and camping in the toilet to wait for a good time to sneak out of the compound. It is as though the students have lost their fighting spirit and the love for challenges. The over-control of us have resutled in apathy and cynicism toward the changing of the path one is going to take.

This is a perfect demonstration and the best explanation of why a revolution is impossible. Somehow, it is already taking place, individually. Students have cease being good boys or girls and decided to do only what they think was right. The school compromise sometimes, but also impose certain unreasonable rules, making the hatred even more bitter. Now it has reach a stage of no return. The relationship between the school and the students is dying soon.


  1. Yeah, but I found a friend to talk about philosphy and stuff. Things that have much more application than revolution in this days.

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