Ideas to win

How do you determine what to do in a business? Is it based on what the boss decides? How do we decide when an idea is good and worth following? Is it when everyone agrees or when there is so many disagreements? What makes a good idea anyways?

In a company, especially an organisation that exists in a marketplace for talents, good ideas must win in it. This is true even for public organisations: government ministries and agencies, non-profits, and special entities that seem to have no market competition. This is because they are still in the marketplace for talents. They rely on smart and capable people to get things done. Such organisations need to structure themselves to harness the best ideas and allow them to win, in order to keep their talents, and continue producing results worthwhile of their existence.

When they allow authority and bosses to win, then they forgo the ability to attract and retain talents. No one would work for a boss or environment where the only way to win was to amass lots of power and authority. So regardless of how much you might think the bosses or those with authority have got the information and the right intentions to make the decisions, the real winning decisions are those backed by good ideas and supported by the best people with the best intentions.