Career progression

What exactly is career progression to you? Is it just having more salary? More responsibilities? More staff under your charge? Or a bigger title. Different people are caught up with different things and every company have their own ‘policies’ and ways to try and industrialise the whole practice of human resource, choosing to see labour in its traditional factory format.

Often, in a bid to standardise, to create salary bands and so on, they alienate workers and fail to see them as talents with ability to contribute to a shared mission of the organisation. Human resource departments add to the problem by thinking in a hierarchical manner and refusing to recognise that value is created in the company jointly by the employee, in partnership with company resources. They choose to see that value is produced magically and the top gets to decide how much they disburse to the bottom.

And in this disbursement, the company is trying to just set up structures to maximise the effort and production of the workers, without room to consider the impact of creativity, culture value or synergistic effects across the team. Time to tear all that down and begin to see employees as humans who have needs for affirmation, to get a proper share of value creation, and crave for a sense of ownership over real work produced.

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