Making up lost time

How do you lose time? Time passes at the same rate regardless. Lost time is a myth; and what you have lost is not time but progress that you had expected to make but didn’t. Everything happened at the level of your expectation. So rushing doesn’t help; there is no such thing as making up for lost time, only trying to shift reality to match up to your expectations, or changing your expectations altogether.

That tension of trying to catch up, and heart-wrenching feeling as you approach a deadline is created because we are unwilling to update our expectation. We’ve been conditioned so much that the only way we alter that expectation is to have none of it anymore – to give up. Before any bad things happen to require us to change our expectations, that may be true. But once something had happened, it is just an adjustment, not giving up.

When we get retained in school, when we had to go on a detour through education path because our results didn’t make the mark. Or we had to serve the nation in the military, instead of going straight to college. These are not lost time. They are times when one learns to adjust our expectations. These are times when we become aware of what the society is trying to impose on us and we let that go. And you learn to live a life that is truly your own.