That management balance II

In the previous post I wrote about how the best workers for me unfortunately won’t want to be employees and perhaps that is why it is increasingly difficult to find good people. The organisational environment for some reason tends towards cultivating and retaining mediocrity especially when the corporate environment double-down on becoming more corporatised.

I envision that the concept of cooperatives would be making a bit more of a comeback in the medium term as I think that employees, especially the good ones will need to take on equity ownership of the company they work for and be seen as partners rather than just labour. And by developing a more sophisticated form of capitalist structure, we can step into the new world in need of newer forms of labour including a good mix of intellectual and emotional labour.

Just as electric cars have been developed in the past and has now made a comeback; some of the older concepts discovered in the past might prove to be more suitable these days. By creating new forms of management and incentive structures in modern corporations, we can unlock greater creativity and energies for the new economy with the new culture of our young today. Cooperatives that see staff as members and partners can play a part.