Wasting time

What is time-wasting to you? I realise that perspectiv matters a lot when it comes to this. But as this article in The Economist suggests, there are some perhaps universal time-wasters in the modern day office worker’s life: logging in, mistyping, deleting emails, scheduling meetings that eventually gets cancelled or rescheduled, looking for available meeting rooms. All of these are often ridiculous. Most of the time, technology plays an important role in both time-wasting and time-saving.

I spend time to write for this blog daily – is that a waste of time? Perhaps so to some people in my circle, including some loved ones. But for me, it’s an investment, a training that I sorely need, and the development of a positive habit. On the other hand, I think that time spent making small talk to ease into a meeting is a waste of time but I’m too culturally attuned to do otherwise, plus it doesn’t help I happen to be naturally curious and happy to make conversations.

As I enter a stage of life when time becomes so much more precious, I need to guard it more carefully, and make sure I’m not wasting time. But that’s only possible when I know what are my objectives.