Meekness versus weakness

In Christianity, the whole idea of differentiating meekness from weakness is a very big theme because meekness is a very important attribute of Jesus Christ and his followers. He taught in Matthew 5, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

For me, this distinction that is often overlooked by everyone outside the context of Christianity except perhaps for a few linguist and people particular about the precision of their use of language. So meekness continues to be confused with the personality of being somewhat timid, soft-spoken, and lack of covert expression.

As Christians, we recognise meekness actually takes a lot more strength and power than being someone who is strong and mighty. Because meekness involves withholding of strength. The restraint that is exercised, silently behind the will of a person requires a lot more than the raw might in expression of anger or hatred. Think about another picture: Is it easier for you to pick up a tiny piece of ant and move it to another place or simply to crush it?

When you recognise that meekness is actually great strength, it unlocks a lot of clarity in what you want to cultivate in your character and personality as you grow. At the same time, it changes radically what kind of behaviour you respect and value in the context of work and relationships.