Pre-loved Laptop

Recently my laptop broke down. It was a Macbook Pro I’ve been using for close to seven and a half years. But for some reason, it just stopped working and got into some crazy restarting loop which didn’t even allow me to start MacOS Recovery. I might get it fixed some time but I didn’t have sufficient bandwidth to wait at a Genius Bar or the ability to wait for the laptop to come back before I work again (on my own stuff, not my job at Enea).

So I quickly made up my mind that I’ll get a new laptop but something second-hand. Probably lightly used so that I can stretch more life out of the laptop. And I did, through Carousell; the options and choices were more limited than having to choose at an Apple Store but most of these options like ‘Space Grey’ or ‘Rose Gold’ doesn’t matter to me at all. The specs that matters such as harddisk space and RAM were all clear and I could just find something that would suffice.

The effort then is focused on finding a reasonable price, and that the laptop is lightly used (as somewhat defined by the charge cycles that the battery has been through). I managed to find the laptop quickly and agree on a quick deal with the seller. I thought it was a win-win since the seller didn’t actually need the computer anymore and I needed one that I can work with, without being necessarily the newest, latest product.

On a separate note, I always wonder what ‘pre-loved’ was implying. That the product had been loved before? Or it has yet been loved? These new marketing gimmicky terms are confusing.