When plans are postponed

Being a highly organised person means that we often have to meet with the disappointment of certain arrangements being cancelled, postponed for some good reason (or we charitably interpret to be so). And then the question is whether our high level of organisation means we have the cognitive flexibility to use that time appropriately for something else or have we become so optimised with our schedule that such postponement feels like a threat to our plans.

For those who might be slightly less organised, the postponement can also be a relief; because we actually really needed the time for something else. Then the question is why didn’t we initiate that rescheduling in the first place.

Increasingly, I realised that most of the time we are not taking charge and organising our lives as we want it to because we are afraid of disappointing someone, coming across as being disagreeable or being the one who spoil the plans. But ultimately, we need to make a decision, whether we rather be that person who lives his own life or, one who is living a life others want him to live.

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