What are we honouring?

When we are confronted with taking an action that adheres to the spirit of a rule but breaks the rule, what do we do? Does that action honour the overall spirit of the society in setting the rule, or does it honour the protection of ourselves instead? And when protecting ourselves, is it at the expense of someone else?

When we follow standard operating procedures that no longer really serve the objectives they were created for, what are we honouring? The people who wrote the manual? The process itself? Or the old objectives?

When we are confronted with evidence that turns in face of what we believe in; do we change our perception of that evidence to continue perpetuating our beliefs or do we change our beliefs instead? What are we honouring when we do things one way or another? Do we honour our beliefs? Or are we honouring the system of evidence-based decision-making?

If all we want is to honour rules, objectives that do not change, or to rely more on evidence than on beliefs, then we want to use technology that help us with rule-keeping, process-running and decision-making. But for everything else, there are humans up for it.