The future trade

In psychology, and behavioural economics, we describe the endowment effect. It is the idea that “mine is better” to the extent one would only part with something at a higher price than what one would be willing to pay for it.

Yet the endowment effect is not that strong when what you own is something that comes to you only later. You kind of discount it. And if it is far out enough you discount it even more. So we get into all kinds of trade involving our future income, our future time, our future life. And then as we live out these commitments, we bear the burdens of them, and we end up living a life that is based on our past desires and wants. But yet if we try to wriggle out of them or unwind them, we create even more commitments through the consequences those unwinding have on our future selves.

Do you want to continue that life? If not, then focus on living in the present, steward your commitments well, and take a long term view to weight your time in the future as much as you treasure your time right now.