Being renewable

I’ve been thinking about being a human a lot. And wondering about our energy levels and supply as we go through each day, engage in different activities. What does it mean to live sustainably as a human. We have our ebbs and flows, just like wind energy and the sun. But they are sustainable; the sun will keep shining somehow and the wind will blow. They would come and they would go; you don’t know when or how much exactly, but roughly, we know.

Maybe we humans are built for that level of precision; it is perhaps unrealistic for us to try and compete with the robots, to be more productive, to be more efficient. We do perhaps because these attributes are more measurable. Why not we consider how we can be more creative, more imaginative? It’s probably not even comparable from one to another; not to suggest we can measure these. That multi-dimensional, unmeasurable attribute of real things in the world, in nature, is from God.

But maybe sometimes, we can be that biofuel, to be firing when there is a need for electricity, rather than just be generating power intermittently like the sun and the wind. Even though considered as a renewable, biofuels technically requires much more process, a highly interconnected circular economy system to capture and utilise the feedstock. So in order to fire with that regularity, we must still respect some kind of rhythm, some pattern of energy use.