Change story

Does change in the world put more pressure on you to review the status quo and push forward with change plans? Or does it cause you to give up entirely because “nothing you do matters”? What is the story you tell yourself about change, status quo and your agency?

Our old carbon-based economy is interlocked and we all need to rewrite our story around that and envision a different reality for our future. But because things are moving so quickly, one can either feel incredible pressure to change, to communicate something, or to think that others will do the job, I’ll just do the same. What we don’t realise is that the change we see, and feel are just a result of hedonic adaptation that causes us to miss out so much that is still in status quo.

Without a change story, it is hard for us to process and digest change. We get overwhelmed by it, and we shut it out deliberately to preserve our sanity. Old-school companies want to stay in their old ways and continue “business as usual”.

Communicating something, trying to tag on the new green buzzwords and “join the conversation” prematurely without thinking about the change story is going to cause trouble. You might end up getting lost instead, in the twilight zone between the comforts of status quo and leadership of change.

So take time, resources, capacity to consider what is the change story.