Who is going to work for you?

In case you have not yet realise, plant-based meat are often less healthy than real meat. They promised you they didn’t hurt animals to make it, and that it’s plant-based, but they did not say it is healthier. Ultimately, these products are targeting meat-eaters who probably don’t have very healthy diets to begin with. Though maybe the extra sodium and saturated fats are going to make things worst.

And that brings me to the question of how companies are positioning themselves to the future workers. You might be reducing the environmental impact of food on the planet but by causing more obesity amongst non-meat eaters, is that really making that much of a positive contribution to the world?

Likewise, the money-making oil and gas companies can continue to be ‘champions’ of climate change solutions, pour parts of their profits into researching carbon capture technology, and talking about recycling plastics while extracting more fossil fuels and producing tonnes more virgin plastics, flooding the market.

Well people still have to eat, and consume energy, so where is the balance? There will always be people working for the dough; and so you get those whom you hire for their labour rather than their work.