Happy new year

2021 probably would never have been able to meet the expectations that was put upon it by 2020. Yet by most counts, it’s been a good year. The world received vaccines, and many different types – most of which were effective towards a few variants of the virus. Air travel turned in a muted form. Economies were slowly coming back though many sectors remains somewhat stuck.

The world will greet 2022 with cautious optimism, les hyped-up expectations as they had in 2021. The resignation tsunami will gradually spread to every more industries, sectors and countries. And the new generation will come to discover it is more important to be authors of their own stories than be in the stranglehold of the old stories.

The future will perhaps see material goods, and money with a little less respect than in the recent generations. And the world will shift its attention towards more collective action problems as we struggle towards more actions to deal with climate change.