Tweaking things

Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results.

James Clear, Atomic Habits

Until we realise that it takes changing our own systems, processes and habits in order to change our results, we will continue doing the same old things, sometimes trying harder, to get different results. We might realise it can be challenging to figure out when we have to try harder and when we have to try something different. And then again, what does it means to be different?

Sometimes, trying something else need not be so different after all. When one is ‘bad’ at a subject, it doesn’t have to be changing your focus to a different subject. For example in my case, I spent my first 15 years being bad in English language. What changed was that instead of reading more fiction and trying to memorise vocabulary. For me, the beauty of English language became apparent to me when I saw how you could construct sentences to cogently make a point. To argue for what you believe in.

It will take a lot of effort to think about what is it that you can do differently in order to change your outcome. And sometimes, tweaking your system isn’t about an overhaul. It is a tweak. Those tweaks can really improve things.