Sharing Ideas

How many new ideas did you come up with over the past week? Or are you now obsessing over whether they were new ideas? How many of those new ideas did you actually share with the world?

I wrote about how we kind of self-censor because of the story we tell ourselves about our ideas. It is equally important to recognise that having an idea, sharing them is just not sufficient. Finding the resources to develop conviction, to allow those ideas to derive million other ideas that you are willing to try, test and implement is so important.

Yet, whilst at a theoretical level we know that this is so important for the human race, for our society, we are not so keen on creating an economy and society that does just that. At certain level, we want people to just accept answers as they are, to follow the rules and to not stir up trouble. But having ideas, and being contrarian, accommodating them needs to be part of a culture that welcomes that sharing, and allows for the continuous innovation.