Humour & Honesty

Have you ever wonder what is it about humour that connects people? When we laugh at something funny, it tends to be something we did not control or contrive. That kind of honesty is a form of vulnerability that brings us together, reminder that things are not always in our control and we are all humans.

Of course, it is also because humour necessarily is about our minds taking a fork in the road of logical processing. And when we find that there are others along with us on that fork, or we manage to get others to jump over to our fork in the road, there’s the sense of togetherness.

Humour is a gift we often forget about. And there’s definitely a role for it to play in life, the workplace, in entertainment and education. So in our individual lives, let us not forget to use the gift of humour to bring joy and laughter to others. Who knows, you might land a job for your humour too.