Changing minds

I had a good question posed to me today. Someone asked me what happens if I encounter new information or learnt new things that made me rethink some of my stance that I’ve written about before. Well, just because I’ve made a stance before doesn’t mean I can’t change it. After all, when convinced that I’m wrong, the only way to go is to change my mind – isn’t it?

What is so bad about being wrong? Perhaps the psychological trauma is too much? It might hurt too much of our pride? Doesn’t seem to be the case when we stop liking the toy we like when we grow up; or we fall in love with another brand of chocolate instead? So what is wrong with changing your mind when you’re changing your preferences all the time? What is the fear driving it? How are the ideas in your mind shaping your identity?

So think through what is the cost of changing your mind? Is it an internal costs? Is it a cost to your reputation? How can this mind-change be reframed into something positive. Something around the story of growth and personal development?