Standing out

I had people I’m coaching ask me why they should put their hobbies or interest in their CV – how is it relevant? To be fair it probably doesn’t matter what you say there though it does show your personality. And to be a bit more candid, your prospective employer probably has a better view of your real hobbies by following or checking your social media account than reading your CV.

Either way, I think your interest and hobbies section shows a bit more of your personal side and your personality. And it allows you to stand out, to be a person rather than just a cog, to allow others to take an interest in you as a human and not just a worker. In fact, if your hobby is swimming, go ahead and state your favourite stroke; if you’re interested in classical music, mention your favourite classic piece; if you enjoy DJ-ing, list down your ideal 5-track mixtape. Go all the way, show you care, and not just have a hobby listed because everyone has it there.

The way you approach your hobby bears a hint on how you might want to approach work; there should be moments of light-heartedness, enjoyment, amidst the seriousness. Your identity and personality will also leave a mark in the work that you do, just as your hobby will contain that mark.