Educator at heart

Those who have followed my blog, my mentees and coaching clients would know I’m an educator at heart. And I had some really dated education products still listed for purchase. Now, I’ve just completed a really jam-packed intense 9-day email course design which I’m doing a bit of a soft launch here on my site. This is the first of my coaching products after getting really good feedback on the ebook which lays an important foundation for the materials I teach in this email course.

For a limited time this month, I’m pricing it at US$100; but it will be increased to US$120 after that. Reason is that I want to test run this new e-commerce engine I’m using so as to make sure the delivery is smooth and I want to make sure I compensate you for any inconvenience; while also giving you the full value of the course.

This course will normally take me at least 4 hours of coaching to impart the concepts. It also features an accompanying workbook which will allow you to get the most out of the course if you work on the exercises alongside as the email comes in.