Dream, think & act!

During the height of the COVID-19 crisis in Singapore, I started with mentoring and coaching younger adults in university to think about their future and to adopt more flexible mindsets as they approach entering a career. Prior to this, I’ve had been informally coaching many peers and juniors on their tertiary education choices, career choices, and strategies to get themselves into various different professional service industries.

My work experiences in the private and public sectors, as well as the education industry allow me to give a big picture of the way an individual should approach these decisions in order to fulfill their life purpose. And for those who have yet to determine what their life purpose is, I have been able to help provide the questions to point them closer to an answer.

So I’ve written a short book to provide some of these general questions that I’ve been asking my clients and friends. It also lays the foundations of my coaching process, looking through the 3 steps one by one to check off the decisions made and questions answered so that we can focus on the right things at different points of your search for a new job or role. Or even a pivot in your career.

I’m going to give away this book and you can download your copy right now.

This book realistically is worth at least 1 coaching session where I typically charge S$150 for. By sharing these materials for free, I hope to help you diagnose better the stage you are at, and hone in on specific issues, get to your results quicker when you get to me for coaching.