Tensions at work

Do you hate your work? Do you feel challenged in the way you don’t like to be at work? What sort of tension are you feeling? Why do you have a sense you want to leave your job? What are the moments that makes you uncomfortable?

These challenges are probably good times to take stock and examine life priorities. As I mentioned before about appraisals, life do not always progress in the manner that our career or organisations desires for us to move. And that alignment between our lives and our current role or job may not always be good. The fit doesn’t have to be perfect but if there’s sufficient strain and tension, it is important to take the opportunity to understand why and use that insight to find your next role.

Is it about the values of the organisation? Or the kind of people the organisation is selecting to work with you? Is it the sense of impact your work has for you? We too often try to make value judgment on these things when it is often really just about how these things fit with one’s priorities at a certain stage of life. Perhaps you joined at a point of life where you were more willing to trade your personal time for learning opportunities but now you no longer so you need to shift to a role that demands less time and yet leverages on what you have already built up? Ponder over these – generate greater self awareness.