I had the chance to be disconnected for a couple of days and I must say that it was a really good time for me. I managed to really stop thinking about work, feeling I have to do this or that in order to move forward and just be really present with things. Embarrassingly, it was refreshing for me – which probably mean that I really needed the break. And of course it wasn’t just about work but also my personal mental hygiene and stress from having to juggle commitments to family, and social relationships.

I realise it makes perfect sense to remain disconnected for at least a couple of hours a day just to get that real rest which we all need. I suspect I’m going to find it difficult but I think I will have to try it to know. To put my phone on airplane mode maybe 7-10pm before I go to bed. Or some other hours like that. Even just for 2 hours would be really good – mind you, when you are awake that is.

I begin to realise how normal it must be to plainly just be present with the people who are physically around you and to enjoy the things in the moment rather than be obsessed with something else in the distance or distant future. How joyful and peaceful life was! Before the smart phone took over so much of our attention.