You were not considered

In my mentoring and coaching practice, I’ve always encouraged my mentee and clients to do something different when applying for jobs. It will mean taking a lot more effort such as ensuring that your CVs are tailored properly to the job description, investigating the alignment between your motivation and the elements that the hiring manager might be looking for.

Despite these efforts, it’s entirely likely that you are not even called for an interview. And that doesn’t have to do with anything you’ve put on your CV or wrote on your cover letter. It can be related entirely to the processes and logistical challenges that the company hiring was facing. I’ve received rejection notification that came a year after I applied to the opening. Then there are those who goes completely silent on you and you simply give up on them.

Feedback is important in the process of job-seeking and iterations do make a huge difference in helping you improve. But the difficulty is we can sometimes take these things personally when the hiring firm behaves badly. It is important to recognise sometimes we are rejected and they give us a flimsy excuse with no effort to provide feedback entirely because you were not even considered at all. The firms will not try their best to find the perfect candidate. They have vacancies to fill and it’s important they are going to just pick the first person who seemed like a reasonable candidate – who accepts the offer. That means there are CVs/letters they are going to ignore completely and are not even sure about whether to reply to.

You may feel that’s a bit unfair. But we do these things to others all the time. We ration our attention at dinner conversations, and we will not be pondering over every single sharing from our friends to give them our heartfelt responses. We might even spend more time on Instagram instead of the people we are physically present with. So allow that understanding to restore your mental health.