Need for speed

Speed can be deceiving. The quick-witted guy, responsive customer service officer, next-day delivery all are servicing our psychology rather than our actual needs.

When crisis strikes, we want to be in action, do something rather than nothing so the one who makes decision fast stands out as a “leader” regardless of the quality of decision. Because it’s the best the person may be able to do at that time – and it was seen as better than doing nothing.

The responsive customer service officer gives the impression your needs are being attended to, and gives assurance of attention to you though what you need is their attention on the problem.

Next day delivery gives you the sense you’ll be getting it soon and the item you need is making its way towards you upon your check out. It gives you a sense it’s not so different from buying it at the store, even if you actually really only need it much later.

Speed is a proxy to a sense of having a solution but it is not the solution itself. So be really careful when you celebrate speed or hunger for it. Because by itself, it means nothing.

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