Calm Objections

I’ve been thinking about practising calm objections; as I grow older, I begin to see how we’ve been somehow conditioned by our culture, by the fast-paced modern life to think that objections must be done in an impatient, loud, angry manner. At the back of our heads we seem to think that otherwise our objections will be disregarded, or mocked as trivial and we would lose our chance, and the tide of whatever we are objecting to will just sweep over us.

How many times did that really happen? And how often does an angry objection really help us be better persons, build stronger relationships and make our work more meaningful. None. Being able to disagree calmly, without drama and then proceed to lay out your objections is a very important ability.

Staying calm and not rubbing off others in the wrong way sets you up to influence others and to win hearts over. Learn to be assertive and firm while doing so calmly and without being caught up with the emotions of the objecting.