Lazy Perfectionist

We are all people with high standards; and very often, we want things to be perfect. And we would accept nothing less from ourselves. So when we know we can’t get things perfect, we decide not to do them. What is the point of getting in-between results? You penalise yourself twice: first when you produce imperfect work, and second when you get upset with yourself for producing it. And then maybe even a third time when you realise you could have spent all that time and resources just dwelling in the realm of ‘potential’, of possibly achieving the perfect result. Now you’ve just burst your bubble.

Except you don’t. Except that when you take that first step and produce something imperfect, you’re making a statement to yourself that you’re capable of starting. Of taking the first step. And you get out of the identity of being a lazy perfectionist, of just being a dreamer. If you take a larger step to collect feedback on your work – worthy feedback that is – then you could learn even more, and grow towards the potential you’ve been dreaming of.

So stop relishing in the thought that it is effortless to gain perfection when you are the right kind of person or with the right kind of mastery. That is a myth. There is no magic to perfection or achieving high standards beyond working hard, and consistently. Forget about others, work on yourself.

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