New friends

Making new friends can be pretty exciting; the prospects of that friendship and the form it’ll take being something you anticipate as you discover new things, common interests etc. And there is plenty to ask, plenty to discover, new context to dive into. Yet at some point we entrench our biases about people, we classify them into “that kind or this kind” of person, and then we are off to try and find new friends.

Same with business prospects, sometimes having done business with a person we think we’ll checked that box, we already know and satisfied the need. We don’t try and seek how we can serve this prospect better, discover other problems we can solve for them. And build deeper, better relationships.

Because maybe finding out something new about your old friend is only interesting rather than exciting; and getting more business from an existing client doesn’t feel as much like you’re growing the business than if you get a new client. I don’t know if that’s some kind of psychology of novelty. But I know the ones who win tend to be the ones with deep relationships and networks which are not superficial.